News  |  07.05.2021

Press release: The European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) demands compliance with contracts

While timber markets are currently seeing tension between supply and demand, many contracts are not being honored, both in terms of volumes and delivery time. ETTF writes a press release to call for the respect of contracts.

Press release: The European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) demands compliance with contracts

During the last board meeting of the European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) on 29.04.2021, the procurement situation on the European timber trade markets was intensively discussed. All ETTF member federations represented on the Executive

Board currently see a very tight procurement situation. This contrasts with markets in Europe that are basically very receptive. ETTF observes with increasing concern that supply contracts are not always honoured in terms of quantity and delivery time, but that there is a trend towards renegotiation.

ETTF explicitly rejects the renegotiation of existing contracts and calls on suppliers and industry to respect contracts and delivery times. "We need reliable suppliers throughout Europe and a sustainable procurement and marketing policy in the supply chain", says Secretary General Thomas Goebel.

ETTF is concerned that existing or emerging supply bottlenecks could cause good sales markets to stagnate. Therefore, it is all the more urgent now to be able to rely on reliable suppliers. It is underlined that industry, trade and manufacturers must focus on long-term and sustainable supply readiness, especially now, so that the good sales markets do not falter and are also guaranteed for the future.

ETTF has 15 European member associations and represents the European timber trade and timber imports.

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