News  |  02.09.2021

ATIBT Congo: a new project to support the private sector in the Republic of Congo (ASP-Congo)

A contract with the EU Delegation in Congo for support to private sector involvement in the FLEGT VPA process in the Republic of Congo was signed on 26 August 2021 (under funding from the 11th European Development Fund).

This project is part of the actions that ATIBT has been carrying out in the Republic of Congo since 2014. Since 2018, ATIBT has opened offices in order to carry out consultation and information activities for the Congolese private forestry sector as close to the ground as possible, with the support of several international donors (FAO, EU, FFEM, PPECF).

The general objective of this project is that the Professional Associations (PAs) of the forestry sector in Congo, strengthened, contribute to improving forest governance in favour of a sustainable, inclusive and more transparent management of forest resources. The specific objective is that the PAs have the skills to inform and communicate to all private forestry sector operators in an appropriate manner and taking into account the gender dimension on the FLEGT VPA process (legislation, EUTR, SIVL, elements of the LAS specific to the private sector) according to its implementation schedule in Congo.

The target groups are the two professional associations present in Congo in the forestry sector: UNIBOIS and UNICONGO. The target groups are the two professional associations in the forestry sector in Congo: UNIBOIS and UNICONGO, as well as all companies in the forestry sector operating in Congo.

The project activities will be :

Contact :

Alain Tiotsop

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