News  |  24.09.2021

ATIBT issues a call for applications for a RUFAC project manager, based in Cameroon

The RUFAC project, currently in the appraisal phase, will aim to improve the management of natural resources in the forest environment through the enrichment of Forest Management Units (FMUs) with local species in Cameroon. This project will be funded by the European Union.

ATIBT issues a call for applications for a RUFAC project manager, based in Cameroon

This project, by focusing on plantations within FMUs managed by the private sector, in accordance with PAMFOR guidelines, will also be in line with the previous National Reforestation Program managed by the National Forestry Development Support Agency (ANAFOR). Beyond its integration into the national objectives in terms of forest management and governance (PAMFOR, NIP of the 11th EDF Cameroon), the objectives of the project are also integrated into the "EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030" which provides the following intervention topics : upcoming launch of the "NaturAfrica" initiative to protect wildlife; protection of tropical terrestrial and marine ecosystems; promotion of reforestation and tree planting to support the restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems; inclusive technical and financial mobilization involving civil society, youth, women, local authorities, scientific institutions.

The project leader, based in Cameroon, will be in charge of the action, which will be managed by ATIBT, in collaboration with the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (University of Liège) and the consultancy firm Nature+. Several forestry companies are associated: Pallisco, Alpicam - Grumcam, SEEF and SEFAC.

The profile sought is the profile of an agronomist or forestry engineer, with at least 5 years of professional experience, and a good knowledge of the field, particularly in Cameroon. Candidates should have proven knowledge in forestry and forest ecology. In addition, candidates should have successful project management experience, initiative, autonomy, administrative skills and a willingness to collaborate with national and international partners.

Interested candidates should send their CV and cover letter to with the reference "RUFAC application".

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