News  |  29.10.2021

The ADEFAC project continues, with numerous field activities in Central Africa

In the framework of the continuation of the activities of the ADEFAC project (Support to the development of continuous training in the forestry-wood sector in Central Africa) for the year 2021, two GPEEC (Forward-looking management of staff, jobs and skills) trainings took place in Gabon and Cameroon in October 2021. The training consultant, Thierry LAPLANCHE, is a specialist in HR issues with a strong experience in training and support to organizations in Central and West Africa.

The ADEFAC project continues, with numerous field activities in Central Africa

It was a question of training human resources managers, managers of units (forestry or industrial), managers of forestry companies in the forecasting and operational management of human capital of the company, based on an approach and innovative tools.

In Gabon, the training took place from 20 to 21 October 2021, 11 participants from 5 companies benefited from this training and appreciated the course and the content of the lessons. They even created a group on a social network to continue the practice exchanges started during the training workshop. This sharing platform will allow them to reinforce each other through the sharing of HR practices.

The GPEEC training in Cameroon took place in Kribi from October 25 to 26 with 12 participants, from 6 companies, who were very interested in the training and contributed by sharing their experiences in the company, to enrich the course of the training.

A remote coaching of the beneficiaries of the training by the training consultant is planned for several months after the training. This coaching will be done both individually and in small groups according to the themes suggested by the learners.

The staff of forestry companies in Congo and DRC will also be able to benefit from this GPEEC training in November 2021.

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