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ATIBT in the European press in 2021

ATIBT has conducted numerous press actions throughout 2021 mainly around Fair&Precious brand. A look back at these advocacy activities for a sustainable trade of tropical timber.

Press Revue

ATIBT in the European press in 2021

The year 2021 has seen the presence of ATIBT in the European press expand, particularly through a collaboration with the agency Open2Europe. One or two press conferences each year enable us to get in touch with key journalists of the tropical timber industry. The last one, in October 2021, concerned the development of the PAFC, recently recognized by the PEFC Council (as we also relay in this newsletter).

Simultaneously to these conferences, ATIBT communicates throughout the year on certified tropical timber and sustainable management. In total, 10 press releases, 9 pitches (short and synthetic intervention) and 111 articles have been written and distributed during the past year, for a cumulative audience of more than 62 million people potentially reached. ATIBT was also invited to participate in about twenty interviews, mostly in France, by targeted media (Bois Magazine or Forêt Mag for example), but also by general public media such as BFMTV, Le Monde or France Inter. Six countries were covered by these actions: France of course, but also the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany.

These press actions are a pillar of the ATIBT strategy to promote not only the sustainable management of the Congo Basin forests, but also the responsible European consumption of timber produced under this management. The presence of the Association in the press allows it to promote its values and to maintain a virtuous and enriching dialogue with opinion leaders and public decision makers. Numerous efforts have already been made in recent years to improve the image of certified tropical timber and to demonstrate the economic, social and ecological virtues of sustainable forest management, but these efforts must be continued without respite. The example of the exclusion of tropical timber by SOLIDEO for the construction of the Olympic village has unfortunately proved it: the European institutions and public decision-makers are still struggling to recognize the interest of sustainable forest management.

Perseverance, a constantly renewed commitment, and an advocacy that we endeavour to make increasingly relevant and effective will be the key words of 2022.

Below is a selection of the most popular articles in 2021.

In addition, a complete press revue is available here (.pdf, 30Mo).

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