News  |  15.04.2022

The ATIBT media library: a huge source of information for all

The ATIBT website centralizes numerous publications and data on tropical forest management, tropical timber, and its trade. An important source of information, especially for the members of the Association, accessible in one click!

The ATIBT media library: a huge source of information for all

The "tropical timbermedia library" is rich in content. Organized by sections, it includes technical studies, institutional publications and videos.

Zoom on the main sections.

Technical publications

Here you will find technical studies on tropical timber and tropical forests. The three ATIBT studies on payments for ecosystem services are online, as well as studies from ATIBT partners.

Let's recall the existence of 14 technical sheets that summarize the different methods of processing tropical timber.

Studies on wood traceability, on the benefits of sustainable forest management, or on agroforestry can be consulted from the media library.

Institutional publications

The activity reports of the Association are available online, as well as the directory of members, updated daily, and the Fair&Precious manifesto.

The xylotheque

Finalized in September 2021, the online xylotheque presents an anthology of about sixty African timber species. Each species has a specific sheet describing the tree, the aspect of the wood and its uses.

The videos

The media library is particularly rich in video content. The replays of the webinars organized by ATIBT are accessible via the media library. In addition, many short documentaries on sustainable forest management, the protection of great apes, sustainable forestry or the LKTS are gathered in this media library.

These contents are meant to be interactive, varied, and above all at the disposal of ATIBT members and partners: if you are looking for information on tropical timber, its production, its transformation, its markets, its traceability, ... this media library is left to your good use, so do not hesitate to consult it!

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