News  |  15.04.2022

The ADEFAC team is looking for pictures of timber uses in Africa

Who has high quality pictures of wood uses in Africa? Oréade-Brèche experts are looking for a few more photos to be able to finalize the book "Guide to the use of tropical timber in Africa", which will become the volume II of the "Eco-certified African timber user guide”.

The ADEFAC team is looking for pictures of timber uses in Africa

This book has been prepared and will be published as part of the Support for the Development of Continuing Education in the Forest-Wood Sector in Central Africa (ADEFAC) project financed by AFD and implemented by RIFFEAC and ATIBT.

The book will provide technical information on different aspects of wood material (properties and processing) for professionals in the wood sector in Africa. It will also present a panel of works for which wood has undoubtedly proven its worth and it will propose a list of species allowing their realization.

Many photos of structures have already been collected, but the following are still missing:

  • Indoor staircase
  • Shelter and outdoor furniture
  • Fence and piles
  • Screen and windbreak panel, pergola
  • Hydraulic works in submerged marine environment
  • Structure and bridge in contact with the ground or fresh water
  • Acoustic screen in urban environment along railways or roads
  • Railway sleepers and dunnage
  • Industrial floor and heavy framework
  • Pickup bed protection, wagon and container flooring
  • Packaging and crating

Please note: these must be high quality photos, and they must be taken in (Central) Africa. The best photos will be displayed in the book with the name of the wood species, the company and the photographer.

Photos can be sent to Jacqueline LARDIT.

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