News  |  06.05.2022

Seeds for the UFA-REFOREST project, in Cameroon

The UFA-REFOREST project, officially launched on March 30 in Yaoundé, aims at enriching the Forest Management Units of four forestry companies located in the East of the country, namely PALLISCO, GRUMCAM, SEEF and SEFAC.

Seeds for the UFA-REFOREST project, in Cameroon

Among the objectives, it is planned to plant more than 240,000 trees. To do this, it will be necessary to produce quality seedlings with a high heritage value.

The harvesting of seeds of forest species is therefore at the heart of the very first project's activities. Given the irregular fruiting of most forest species, it is essential to carry out quality seed collection operations throughout Cameroon, where possible. In order to guarantee the genetic diversity of forest species and in the hope of having well-conformed trees in the future, several criteria guide us in the choice of good seed producers.

They are summarized in the practical guide to tree planting, which is available for free access. This guide was developed with the technical support of our partners Nature+, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech and ENSET.

Coordinator and scientific partners work together.

Since the beginning of the project, the team has collected more than 65,000 seeds, mostly Assamela, Bété, Dabéma, Iroko, Lotofa and Pao Rosa.

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