FRMi, a private and independent forestry engineering firm based in Montpellier in southern France, assists forest and timber sector players in Europe and around the world.

To promote the cause of tropical forests, FRMi prefers proximity to terrain, scientific rigour, pragmatism, training and dialogue.

Its forest engineers have been working for 30 years in the service of tropical forest ecosystems on the planet.

On the ground, they intervene for a better knowledge and the sustainable management of natural and forest resources in contact with local populations, economic operators and local authorities.

The missions carried out by its experts in the short-term, or in the framework of multiannual projects, benefit from the latest technologies and are based on the latest advances in scientific research.

Their objectives; to better understand forest ecosystems in order to optimize their management; ensure the maintenance of their social and ecological functions; contribute to the equitable redistribution of the products generated; protect biodiversity; allow a selective and sustainable harvest of wood; reduce negative impacts on ecosystems; encourage the enhancement of by-products and wastes from logging for energy purposes; build on the perspectives of biomass and forest carbon.

FRMi has accompanied the development of the forest sector in the sustainable management of more than 20 million hectares of natural forest, more than 10% of the total moist forest area of the Congo basin.


60, Rue Henri Fabre
34130 - MAUGUIO
Grand Montpellier

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