News  |  30.09.2022

World Gorilla Day, the flagship animal of the Congo Basin forests

September 24 was World Gorilla Day. Central Africa covers almost the entire range of the Western Lowland Gorilla and the Mountain Gorilla. An animal whose habitat must be taken into consideration in forest management.


The Virunga National Park, home to one third of the world's mountain gorilla population in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has seen an increase in gorilla numbers in recent years. This improvement can be attributed to the efforts made in the region, and more globally, to the actions taken to protect the natural habitat of these animals, including forest certification.

Let's not forget that sustainable forestry allows to maintain and often even increase the area of habitat favorable to large primates. Gorillas benefit from the opening of the canopy through selective logging and the maintenance of open habitats for nesting and feeding! Gorillas are present in greater abundance a few months after logging, and sometimes even in greater density than in protected areas. In addition, gorillas play an important ecological role by contributing to the regeneration of tropical forests through the dispersal of tree seeds.

On the occasion of this day, we share with you some resources on gorillas.

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