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Agroforestry experience of a timber company in the reforestation of cocoa plantations: the Tranchivoire example

Agroforestry experience of a timber company in the reforestation of cocoa plantations: the Tranchivoire example

Since 2016, Tranchivoire has implemented two types of cocoa agroforestry projects in partnership with chocolate companies to ensure the viability of compensatory reforestation and to sustain the plantations of the brave cocoa producers.

The first project, known as the tripartite project, is concerned with the renewal of ageing cocoa plantations in association with forest seedlings, banana trees and legumes and the second, known as the bipartite project, is concerned with the co-planting of forest seedlings with cocoa trees. All this with voluntary planters who wish to benefit from this partnership materialized by the signature of bipartite and tripartite agreements.

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the reconstitution of the forest cover on the one hand and to improve the income of the cocoa-producing populations in the project area on the other hand, but also to specifically provide an alternative solution within the framework of the processes of adaptation to the effects of climate change. Indeed, through these agroforestry systems set up, the aim is to promote the sustainable production of cocoa without deforestation through compensatory reforestation and to constitute a future supply for the Tranchivoire company and to fight against food insecurity.

In addition, these planters receive aid in materials for the maintenance of these reforested areas as well as advice on the future of these planted subjects. But over the years, the Cocoa Coffee Council has made its choice on the regeneration of existing orchards. The area reforested at the beginning of the pilot project was 5 ha in Yamoussoukro with a total of 5187 plants composed of Mahogany, Niangon, Framiré, Cedrela, Gmelina, Teak and Samba but over the years with the agronomic advantages perceptible by the farmers, we have recorded an influx of producers with a large cocoa area to be reforested.

From 2017 with a planted area of 118 ha for 116 planters, we are now at 200 producers occupying an area of 252 ha with 27,580 trees planted in cocoa fields in Aleppo, Agboville, Toumodi and Yamoussoukro in the last two years with bipartite reforestation. The first production from these reforestation projects is expected in 2030.

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