News  |  20.05.2020

Timber Procurement Assessment Committee -TPAC- evaluates PEFC

PEFC International has been assessed by the Dutch Timber Procurement Assessment Committee (TPAC) as complying with Dutch sustainability requirements.


TPAC assesses timber certification systems and advises the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement (I&W) on the outcome. The objective of the Committee is to facilitate the government’s commitment to procure 100% sustainable timber. Next to a set of clear ‘Procurement Criteria for Timber’ which have been developed with Dutch stakeholders, TPAC has distinct procedures to ensure that its assessments are transparent, reliable and verifiable.

TPAC advises the State Secretary on the admission of certification systems. The State Secretary decides which systems and their labels are admitted to the Dutch procurement policy.

PEFC International, as well as the national systems in Indonesia and Gabon received top scores for all principles, while the Netherlands and Russia received top scores for all but two principles. See the report

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