News  |  12.06.2020

SIVL Congo deployment strategy: Update on telework (distance working) in COVID 19 time

The implementation of the national deployment plan for the Taxation module of the Legality Verification Information System, for which user training workshops were planned for the end of March 2020, had to be postponed to a later date due to the covid-19 pandemic.

SIVL Congo deployment strategy


The Interministerial Working Group for the deployment of the SIVL (MEF-MFB-MPSIRTACMM) has organised itself to operate in teleworking in order to analyse the feasibility of an on-line training of SIVL users through the e-Learning tools of the Ministry of Finance and Budget.

To carry out this activity, the technical assistance (SOGEROM) mobilised by the DUE was called upon to make a proposal to update the SIVL deployment plan, in particular the project for distance training of users of the taxation module.

Under the coordination of the technical assistance (consultant), the state of activities is as follows:

1 – Operationalization of the Quality Assurance Plan

The purpose of this document is to define the quality policy for technical interventions on SIVL currently managed by the SIVL team of the Ministry of Finance and Budget. These are the rules of intervention on the SIVL according to the types of work to be carried out on the SIVL

Status: activity completed

2 – Implementation of an online SIVL test

The SIVL test is already online on the internet at:
The resolution of the user account creation problem (email problem with password not received) is expected.

3 – Validation of the final report of the administrator trainings

Status: activity completed

4 – Capitalization on the conclusions of the final report on director training

Status: activity in progress

 5 – Census of SIVL referents

Memoranda No. 0103/MEF/CAB/IGSEF-CLFT and 0104/MEF/CAB/IGSEF dated 15/02/2019 from the MEF Inspector General ask companies and the SCPFE General Management to select three and one SIVL referent respectively. The objective is that these referents serve as an interface with the CLFT agents.

Status: activity in progress

6 – preparation of e-learning (training contents) 

According to section IV.B.3 of the validated document “Strategy and organization for the deployment of the SIVL version 3.5” it is recommended that “given the large number of functionalities (63 cases of use in the SIVL), it will be necessary to implement a web-based training platform LMS (Learning Management System), for the control and maintenance of the knowledge acquired by the learners, as well as an IT platform for the management of the SIVL call center”. This platform for the control and maintenance of SIVL knowledge can be used for training.

Within the framework of the deployment of the SIVL, it is planned to provide companies with a training mechanism to guide them in the use of the SIVL. Given the current situation, where it is important to overcome the travel difficulties caused by COVID 19, it is proposed to set up an e-learning training mechanism via the web.

The managers in charge of the e-learning platform at the MFB have mobilised their teams to use the SIVL Tax module user guides and to put training content online. 

Status: activity in progress and still under consideration

7 – Configuration of the eLearning platform

In direct connection with activity 6, it is planned to insert training materials and create accounts and courses for training. 

 Status: activity in progress

8 – Budgeting for deployment by distance learning

Budget already available

Status: Completed

9 – Creation of access accounts on the e-learning platform for all 15 members of the GTI core group

Status : activity completed

10 – Production of the SIVL Flyers

A Flyer of communication on the SIVL is in the course of realization

Status: activity in progress

11 – WRI support to forestry companies for the production of KML files required by SIVL

Once Activity 2 is finalized, WRI will be able to have access to the SIVL in demonstration. This will allow WRI to advise and support companies in their approach via the SIVL. The MEF through the LFTC should prepare an official letter to request the support of WRI, which has already given its agreement in principle.

Status: Pending activity

12 – FAO-CLFT Mission: SIVL Test

Status: Pending activity

Following the relaxation of measures to combat the COVID19 pandemic, gatherings of people are again authorised under certain conditions. For this reason, the LFTC, with the support of the IGSEF and the APV-FLEGT focal point of the MEF, recommends a return to the in situ training option with the advantage of greater efficiency linked to the physical presence of learners and trainers.

After having listened to the points of view of each stakeholder, E. Kohpé was keen to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that the training mode chosen (online or in situ) does not change the key prerequisites that have not been achieved so far, in particular the issue of Internet access by the DDEFs and the identification of all SIVL referents. He proposed that the IWG decision-making process should be speeded up in order to decide on the proposal to return to in situ training or not; but that priority should be given to finding solutions to the difficulties of identifying referents and DDEF internet access.

In parallel, ATIBT via the FLEGT REDD Certification projects financed by the European Union, the FFEM and KFW via the PPECF, receives the support of the ANIMART studio for the production of a short film in the form of a cartoon to raise awareness of the SIVL.


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