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Fair&Precious invites you to strengthen your responsible purchasing policy by using FSC and PEFC-PAFC certified tropical timber.

Besides its remarkable natural qualities, which make it an outstanding material in terms of production, use and recycling, tropical timber from sustainably managed forests helps meet the major challenges of our time.

Certified forest management preserves and adds value to natural forests.

It respects biodiversity. Fewer trees are harvested than grow and anti-poaching programmes are implemented, often achieving better results than those of national parks.

Certified forestry also means development of services for local populations, provision of healthcare, education and housing.

It also supports local timber processing to create jobs and curb economic migration. In the Congo Basin, the forestry sector is the second largest employer.

Buying FSC or PEFC-PAFC certified tropical timber has a positive environmental impact. It  is the best way to preserve forests and prevent their conversion into plantations or agricultural lands.

Become a partner of the Fair&Precious brand and demand certified timber in public procurement.

"The Fair&Precious programme to promote sustainable management in tropical forests is supported by the German Cooperation with COMIFAC (KfW - BMZ Fund) and the French Development Agency (PRCC)."

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Olman Serrano, President ATIBT


Do you want forest resources to be preserved?
Do you want to contribute to helping local populations and to protect the fauna and flora?
Do you want to help us promote a sustainable material with exceptional qualities?

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