News  |  29.05.2020

Relaunch of members to participate in the ATIBT Certification Commission

Last call to participate in the ATIBT certification commission: information-exchange-reflection platform on certification in the Congo Basin.

Registrations will be closed on June 12, 2020… after it will be too late!

Since the first meeting in February 2019, several topics have been discussed with the forest managers of certified companies, including preparation for the FSC’s triennial GA. A reflection was also initiated on the certification of ecosystem services. The development of a regional PAFC scheme was also monitored. With the inclusion of the managers in the commission, we hope that these subjects will join the certification commission, and that it will now work in a more systematic and formal manner.

This commission is intended to be a place of exchange, information and reflection on subjects relating to forest certification but also all innovative and disruptive subjects.

This certification commission, initially, will operate through letters or information emails and will also be structured around direct and regular exchange sessions on a voluntary basis.

The first session scheduled around June 19, 2020 (to be confirmed) will be dedicated to validating the pre-identified subjects and activities:

  • Information of members, partners and stakeholders on the news of forest certification in the Congo Basin;
  • Involvement in the consultation and certification decision processes in the Congo Basin
  • Identify and monitor initiatives and processes complementary to forest certification (FLEGT, REDD +, PES, strategy against imported deforestation, etc.)
  • Make the link with the other commissions (forest industry and marketing)
  • Respond to questions and advise ATIBT members on the implementation of their certification process;
  • Etc.

You think that other subjects deserve our attention, and that of all the members of the ATIBT, so join us in this adventure, this commission is here to talk about it.

We hope lots of you will join.


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