Resource conservation

FAIR&PRECIOUS recommends the FSC and PEFC-PAFC tropical forest management environmental protection labels.


The fight against deforestation

On average, Fair&Precious timber production harvests 1-2 trees per hectare every 30 years (average length of a forest concession accorded by States).

This rigorous selection, which is based on accurate inventories, ensures that Fair&Precious foresters harvest less than is produced by natural growth.
Such sustainable management ensures the preservation of natural forests and, consequently, their non-conversion into intensive agriculture zones, which is the leading cause of deforestation.

As a result, forests are preserved for generations to come.

The fight against deforestation Impact

Fight against global warming

By protecting tropical forests, Fair&Precious timber production optimises their vital role in the fight against global warming.

The carbon footprint of an eco-managed forest is superior to that of a natural forest as the harvested timber ensures the continuous storage of the captured CO2, unlike on-site decomposition which releases it.

Thanks to their technical characteristics, tropical timber products have ecological virtues, due to their longevity and the absence of chemical treatments, etc.
They are even more significant if the timber replaces petroleum products, such as materials or fuels, and even metals or minerals. By way of comparison, their production requires ten times less energy than steel.

Fight against global warming Impact

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