Social progress 

The production of Fair & Precious timber allows for the socio-economic enhancement of forests. In a context of high population pressure, non-productive forest areas are in danger of being irremediably converted into agricultural and livestock lands. Fair & Precious timber production generates income for local populations while preserving forests. In these remote rural areas, Fair & Precious companies are driving growth while taking on a social role. They are therefore able to contribute to the well-being of families by providing access to a wide range of services, such as education, medical care and housing.


Striving for responsible forest management

Fair & Precious companies have voluntarily chosen to be part of a certification system. As a result, they allow their activities to be audited by independent third parties and develop effective traceability tools that facilitate verification of their timber, from the forest to the end consumer.

By purchasing Fair & Precious tropical timber, you support responsible forest management, and you participate in the socio-economic growth of producer countries thanks to the companies who commit to develop their timber processing activities locally. In addition, you not only benefit from a quality ecological product, you also play a leading role in safeguarding fragile ecosystems.